Learning Three.js

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Learning Three.js News # 15: Creative 3D Demos of the Week

Hello everybody

Welcome to a new edition of Three.js News. In this episode we have gathered some of the most impressive demos of the past weeks. We will play with fun webgl games, matrix-like maps and visit beautiful landscapes. We will also discover apocalyptic experiences, large terrains and original animations.

Vortex Spheres


Vortex Spheres is a swirly webgl demo by David Li. It is a wild vertically growing mass of green and blueish spheres. You can tune variation, radius or just let it drop.

LOD terrain


LOD terrain is a great example of how to efficiently render a large terrain in 3D. You can check out Felix Palmer’s detailed tutorial on how to build it using webgl and three.js.



Beautiful webgl spring. Great light sets the natural mood on the landscape. You will feel like walking barefoot on the grass. Created by OutofSociety moxiecode.

Reshaping Excellence


This project is Sennheiser’s own webgl experience. It takes us to an apocalyptic and inspiring world. Descending monoliths carry us to a monument of sound. Done by Sehsucht, there is also a mobile version that you can try out.



This matrix-like demo is developed by Mapzen, an open source mapping lab. Tangram is a flexible mapping engine, designed for real-time rendering. It is a new wireframe way to look at your city with a wow effect.

Keep Out


Keep Out is a fun dungeon game for the brave. It was created by Little Workshop, company crafting fine experiences and games for webgl. There is a lot of action, monsters to kill, gold to loot, weapons to win and levels to clear!

Cycle Through The Night


This original Codepen demo was developed by Sascha Sigl. It’s a skeletal animation made in three.js. A modern dandy riding a high wheel bicycle towards a full grey moon gives it an intelligently comic atmosphere.


Ok guys, that’s all for this edition. There were some awesome demos these weeks and featuring them all in a post is a challenge. The ones we listed here are our personal favorites. We will be back soon with more Three.js News…stay tuned.