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Learning Three.js News #14: Creative Demos of the Week

Hello everybody!

This post is about edition 14 of Three.js News. Our favorite demos of last week were very fun to play around with. There were some set above the clouds, staring directly at the sun. Some were cool webgl experiences inspired by games and movies. Some showed a brilliant use of shaders and VR technology. And we even met a three.js sock puppet!



This breathtaking project is a photo-realistic CGI-rendered 3D Virtual Reality film on three.js player. “It takes the viewer on a journey from one beginning to a new beginning.” It was made for Vrse.

Above The Clouds


Mesmerising journey above Earth, interactive experience created by Plus 360 Degrees where you travel around the world, floating with the clouds.

Auto Exposure


A wonderful sunny demo developed by Rasmus Karlsson. A scene with only a camera, you turn around the field, look up at the sky and see the light.

Share The Force


With this webgl experience made for Target you can explore Star War memories. If you are a fan you are gonna love it. Type in your favorite character to discover its universe.



Casino is an extremely accomplished and interactive experiment released by PlayCanvas. The quality of the rendering and the level of detail are excellent.

Small Island


This is a fun project by Christian Östman on Codepen.io. Small islands are randomly generated every time you load. You can ass trees, mountains and clouds to the scene.

Flux Core


Flux Core amplifies and concentrates energy. This powerful demo was created by otaviogood on ShaderToy. Be sure to try out the high-quality non-realtime renderer and use it for your shaders.



This charming character is a three.js sock puppet. This interactive demo is a creation of mediosyproyectos, they’ve got a cool website. You can make him move the way you choose and change his mood.


Okay guys, that’s all for this time. We hope you will play around with these demos and become a fan! You can even get inspire and try out your own :) Thanks for sharing and see you next time.

Stay tuned for more Three.js News.