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Learning Three.js News #13: Creative Demos of the Week

Hello everybody

Welcome to a new episode of Three.js News. This time we will discover some artistic and abstract demos. We will go through them at fast speed, see them grow, expand and dissolve. We will also get a bit spooked by a creepy head!

Bjork’s website


Beause arty design is also a three.js matter, here is a beautiful demo created by Vince Mckelvie from M/M design agency in Paris. It’s singer Bjork’s new website.

Fluid Experiment


This demo is an experiment with Fluid particles in Webgl. It was developed by George Corney and it has great effects. It is both hypnotic and mesmerising.



Meander consists of randomly generated organic sand-storm clouds that dance around the screen. Its author, Anders Hoff shared this via Codedoodl a tool to create original code sketches.



Like a painting in a canvas, this demo by Cabbibo is abstract and bursting with colour. The arrows wander around like small brush strokes in 3D. You can also find it at Codedoodl.

Signal barrel


Signal barrel is a demo created by Austin Mayer and inspired by a similar project by Beeple. It is a very cool tunnel like recreation on CodePen. You will want to follow it ‘til the end.

Fungal State


This evolutive demo was created by the talented Greg Tatum. It shows us a dynamic and realtime growing fungus shape. It is part of Greg’s Growth series.

Creepy Head


This demo is a creepy morph animation made with javascript. It was created by Sascha Sigl on CodePen. The way the mouth moves and the eyes follow you is kind of disturbing and spooky :)


Okay guys, that’s all the news for this week. We discovered some very artistic, abstract and fast paced projects. Some evolving and expanding, morphing and growing…and some freaking us out! In any case, they are all creative and fun.

Stay tuned and see you next time.