Learning Three.js

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LearningThree.js News # 11: Stay Tuned With Creative 3D Demos

This post is another edition of Three.js News. We have collected some original demos with skilful effects and lots of style. There is a high degree of talent displayed on these projects. In this episode, we will cycle through the daring climbs of the Tour de France. We will turn around decadent blue worlds, play with colourful Rubik’s cube and take the new Renault Espace for a test run. We will also merge and morph with creative experiences and investigate fascinating generative compositions.



Metropolis is an impressive demo by Alex Stockdale. It is a spheric vision of an urban world in destruction, or construction, depending on how you see it. It has a decadent aspect to it, the light is like the shadow of a dream and there is a hazy bluish shade in the atmosphere. This project is not only interactive and skilful but it is also a great example of what we can do with three.js.

The Climb of Alpe d’Huez


This demo by Andrew Mason, Troy Griggs and Lawrence Ostlere, is a 3D representation of the Tour de France. We cycle a trail following the iconic Alpe d’huez climb. Step by step we learn about its history, about details of the trickiest passings and challenges to get to the summit….wonderful work by the talented devs at the guardian!



Roobix is a very fun game created by Marco del Valle on Play Canvas. It is a Rubik’s cube simulator with great animations. The rotations and puzzle combinations are extremely fun to play with. The cube is very reactive and the twinkling colours are part of the features that make this game unique.

Renault Espace


This demo is an interactive prototype of the New Renault Space by Guillaume Collinet. It is a webgl visualizer using real time 3d. You can go inside the car as if you were gonna take it out for a test drive. The interior and animations are life-like and will make you feel like you own it! You can visit Guillaume’s little workshop for more stylish experiences.

Omm Experience


Omm Experience shows us the fantastic world created by Jean Helfenstein. At first, there is an awesome lens flare effect with a halo of light glowing around a revolving asteroid. As the demo evolves, there are 3 chapters about creativity with great morphing and merging animations that transform and deform the object as if it was a ball of water.



Gridiron is “an exploration of generative compositions based on vertical structures fighting for space” developed by Kyle Phillips. We can see procedurally generated geometries that rain up and fill the screen. We can also modify their properties and play with the effects. It kind of reminds me of chemistry class.


In this edition of Three.js News we saw the talent behind daring and challenging experiences like the Tour de France, behind life-like animations and reactive games like Rubik’s cube. We floated through procedurally generated worlds and through spheric decadent visions of a city. We took a drive around our imagination and witnessed creativity in its abstract form.

Thanks for sharing. Stay tuned for more Three.js News and see you next time.