Learning Three.js

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LearningThree.js News # 9: Stay Tuned With Creative 3D Demos

This post is part of the Three.js News series. If you have a taste for innovation and digital creativity in 3D, this series is for you. For this edition we have collected some very artistic demos. We will take a look at some unique projects. Everything from subversive and divergent experiences to particle libraries has a place in this post. We will play around with funny and endearing characters and explore objects around Earth’s orbit. We will spin around colorful cities and visit impressive one man portfolio. All of these developers are taking creativity one step further.

Like to Death


This demo is a subversively intelligent project to show us the sometimes empty shell of social media ‘likes’. It was created by Geoffrey Lillemon and Stööki, an independent design collective. How many times a day do we “like” something on the web? These clicks have a lot of power over us. In the demo you can see the figure of death and her demons on the middle. As more and more people like the project, it will get destroyed. Our “likes” will totally disintegrate the scene.


screen shot 2015-07-16 at 16 31 06

Particulate.js is a JavaScript particle physics micro library. Developed by Jay Weeks, it is simple, fast and stable. The movement of the particles is amazing, you can see them flowing in and out and control them with your mouse. They come together in a compact cloud of matter.

Sneeze the Dragon


This creative, fun and very interactive demo was created by Yakudoo on Codepen.io. Yakudoo is a very talented developer who truly has a gift when it comes to imagining fun demos like this one. The more you keep clicking the harder the dragon sneezes, be careful, that’s fire he is breathing out!

Blend4Web Player


In this project we can see a great real time cartoon model created by Yadoob for Blend4Web, a tool for interactive 3D visualization on the internet. You can turn this funny Yoda like character around and look at the awesome shadows the model casts. Visit the Blend4Web website to see all their different demos and designs.

Christmas experiments


Christmas Experiments is an advent calendar which features digital artists from the creative coding community and their web experiments each day leading up until Christmas. Some of the artists include Michael Anthony, Damien Mortini, Matt DesLauriers and Eiji Muroichi. There many experiments and artists you can choose from. Each experience is magical, wonderful and it will make you jolly with Christmas spirit.

My shards


My shards is an abstract experience developed by internet artist Ezra Miller. It is diverse, divergent and very creative. Every time you click on it you will get a new texture on the screen. The change in color and design are awesome.

Bruno Quintela’s profile


This is the impressive portfolio of Bruno Quintela. You can take a tour around his website and see the wonderful forms that contribute to the digital adventure. The WebGL aesthetics is amazing. It is polished and beautifully presented. A true masterpiece.

Stuff in Space


Stuff in Space is a sideral demo created by James Yoder. It is a realtime 3d map of objects that are in Earth’s orbit. You can explore all the waves and transmissions surrounding our planet. The website updates daily with data from space track and uses satellite.js a cool Javascript library to calculate satellite positions.

Circular City


This interactive demo was developed by Mombasa on Codepen.io. You can follow the movement of a very colourful and revolving city. Nice way to build it using three.js You can see the streets and buildings closer to you as it moves around and uncovers itself. Codepen.io is a code editor in your browser, excellent for designers and developers to create wonderful projects.


In this episode of the Three.js News series we saw demos bursting with artistic innovation and creativity. All developers featured here are true artists of the digital and 3D world. Their characters are memorable. Their ideas and profiles are designed to make a lasting impression in our minds. Their creations are aesthetic, useful, inspirational, filled with knowledge and skill. I hope you appreciate and enjoy their talents.

Stay tuned for more Three.js News. See you next time