Learning Three.js

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LearningThree.js News #4: Stay Tuned With Creative 3D Demos

This post introduces another episode of Three.js News. In this edition we explore dynamic and constantly changing experiences. With the featured demos we will travel through time, discover new worlds and parallel universes. We will also get into fun and procedurally generated experiences that never repeat themselves twice; they are different every time, no matter how much you try them out. We will enjoy psychedelic effects and interactive experiments.

Ancient Earth

screen shot 2015-06-11 at 14 45 41

Ancient Earth is a very educational experiment found in the dinosaur pictures website. It is a globe of how Earth used to look like, from 20 million to 600 million years ago. There is a list where you can choose any period on the evolution of our planet. For example, when multicellular life was first developed or when plants and flowers first appear… or even jump to dinosaur extinction! You can also remove clouds to see Earth’s transformation and use the left and right keys to travel through time.


screen shot 2015-06-11 at 14 51 06

Dennis is a very colourful generative 3D experience produced by Always & Forever computer entertainment and presented by NHX. It is a fun music video with music from popcorn_10. Frames are created in real time. Nothing is pre-rendered. Each scene is procedurally created every time you press play. You’ll never see the same video twice. Check out the about page to see how it was developed.

Growing Tree

screen shot 2015-06-11 at 15 05 00

This demo displays the beautiful and natural growth of a tree. It was created by Greg Tatum. You can check out his blog to see the other works and animations he has done. It starts out at the root, from seedling to tree with small incremental additions. It shows a dynamic growth of the 3D tree structure. Nice colours and lighting make it truly mesmerising.

Another End Game

screen shot 2015-06-11 at 15 18 01

Another End is a procedurally-generated game with an interesting story and a thread to follow. It was developed by Ryan Bottriell and his team. Inside the adventure, you are a player, created by Entity to reunite the 4 Glyphs which are essential to the world. You can have great powers; you can be Architect, a Protector, an Illusionist. Plus there are experimental versions to play it with Leap Motion and Occulus Rift. Follow them on twitter and take a look at all their developments.

Simple Ball

screen shot 2015-06-11 at 15 29 21

Simple Ball is a traditional pinpall game for the web browser using Three.js. It a Chrome Experiment developed by Andreas Rominger. It is very interactive and fun. You will have a very good time trying to keep the ball inside the game. The trick is to shake and tilt!

Sanoran’s Valley

screen shot 2015-06-11 at 15 33 27

Sanoran’s Valley is an exceptional experience imagined by Samuel Honigstein. It is a desert vision of the city inspired by Alberts Camus quote about the big city “being the desert we should seek to remedy life in society”. Very philosophical! It has great shader effects and it actually uses Google Street View, so you can tap in any address you want and see how would it be like transformed into a desert. Check out Sam’s portfolio to take a look at his other creations.

Box Physics

screen shot 2015-06-11 at 15 47 59

Box Physics is a very cool and creative demo. It was developed by interactive coder Silvio Paganini. We can see applied physics in the boxes using oimo.js. They react with a click of your mouse and they change color. There is also a very cool screen effect. You can visit Silvio’s website to try out at all his experiments online.

Magic Mirror

screen shot 2015-06-11 at 15 55 23

Magic Mirror is another Chrome Experiment created by Alexey Roudenko. It is an original psychedelic artwork demo. It is actually web camera triangulation, great for animation in a game. It is amazingly cool, you can use your webcam and see yourself in kind of a distorted reality. You can change the opacity and effect of the triangles and see the cool effect it has.


In this blogpost we explored some very dynamic and exciting demos. We experienced ever-changing worlds where 3D is ever-present. We played some immersive games and enjoyed fun and altering animations. I hope you liked them as much as we did.

Stay tuned for more Three.js News. See you next time