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One Threex a Day Challenge: Phase 1 Completed!

Hello everybody!

It’s been nearly a month since I started publishing “One threex a day” challenge. The idea was to share with you the many three.js games extensions that I had written over time. I wanted to show you how they could be useful, fun and easy to include in your very own three.js game. I came up with a motto “One threex a day gets your game on its way”. I was all set up and ready to go. This was a challenge inspired by John Resig’s article called “Write code everyday”. I deeply agree with his theory for making progress, increasing productivity and getting the work done. I wished to try something similar on myself.

Let me tell you though… it WAS challenging! Keeping the publication rhythm was hard. It takes a lot of discipline and organization to get it done everyday. I had the best intentions, but unfortunately I got sick and I felt bad for most of last week. Additionally I had some day work on the side that I needed to get done. At this rate of publication, it was very hard to keep up! At first I wanted to publish the threex extensions for a period of two months but I think it is best to rest for a while. So a week ago I published the last three.js game extension of phase 1.

The good news is that I’ve had a very interesting experience. I’m pleased with the results. Obviously, some posts got more attention than others. I think this was because the three.js game extensions I published weren’t all for hard-core developers or game creators. Some were pretty basic, but still had educational value for people just starting with three.js. I wanted them to be directed to all kinds of audience, amateurs and experts alike. I really appreciated the process of sharing these extensions, and overall I had a great response. I got some very cool retweets and a lot of positive echo from you guys. Thanks a lot! Don’t hesitate to contact me and give me some more feedback.

I stopped publication last week, but wait…I’m not saying I’m giving up though. Far from it. I have promised myself, and I promise my readers, to come back with more three.js extensions. Especially, because I still have a lot to publish, there are still some tricks up my sleeve ;) For the moment I will concentrate on regaining my strength, writing more code and documenting it for the next threex batch. I hope to deliver and publish it soon.

Stay tuned! I’ll be back.