Learning Three.js

or WebGL for Dummies

Three.js Interview: Online 3D Modeling and Rendering With Clara.io

Hello everybody! This is my first Three.js Interview video. The inspiration came from all those great people out there doing very cool projects with three.js. I want to share their innovations with others. If you know me, you know that I love talking about three.js. So, I would like everybody to have the opportunity to enjoy and learn from these three.js interviews. So three.js interviews are videos of around one hour where people are talking about cool things they do with three.js . Maybe you could get some ideas for your own project or simply partake on a subject you’re passionate about.

The idea is to have interesting people come and talk about cool things that they’ve done with three.js. Like Ben Houston, who is our guest in this first video. Ben is the Team Leader for Clara.io, a online 3D modeling and rendering tool that you can use inside you browser. Ben talks to us about the creation and the evolution of Clara.io and about all the interesting features it’s got!

I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for the next Three.js Interview :)