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tQuery V0 - Let's Get Started

This post is an update on tquery progress. Our previous posts were previews, for example valentine card in tQuery or linkify, a tQuery extension. This post is the release of version 0. It will walk you thru the website and shows how to run your first tQuery project with the boilerplate. You should be able to play with tQuery after that :)

Ok It is still experimental. I have been paddling hard to make it usable by other people tho. The playground is the easiest way to start experimenting. It is all online. no install, no download, simple and understandable. tQuery code is all on github repository. The screencast below will walk you thru the website.

Solid Ground to Build On

I would like tQuery to be a solid ground. Thus people can easily build their three.js extensions on top of it. So the code is documented, tested and performance is monitored. Here is some principles that i consider important for tQuery. Note that those principles are the theory. It doesnt imply i implement them well in practice :)

Code must be tested. It helps detect bugs earlier. Our tests are done with mocha. API must be documented. It helps new users to use the library. API documentation is done with jsdoc. Performance must be monitored. Thus developpers are immediatly aware of performance change when the code is modified. Our benchmarks are done with benchmark.js and displayed by benchrunner.

How to Get Started

or how to get the boilerplate :) tQuery Boilerplate is a template to get you started. You download it and modify it until it fits your needs. It is a fast way to start a clean project with tquery. The running boilerplate looks like that. The screencast below shows how to use it.

Running tQuery Boilerplate

You can try the boilerplate online with the playground. Want to run it on your computer ? First you get boilerplate’s files here. Then you launch the http server to serve them. Here is a little shell script which does it all for you.

curl -OL https://github.com/downloads/jeromeetienne/tquery/tqueryboilerplate.zip
unzip tqueryboilerplate.zip
cd tqueryboilerplate
make server

Then you open a browser on to see it running. Up to you to modify index.html until it fits your needs. index.html looks like the code below… Quite short.

<!doctype html><title>Minimal tQuery Page</title>
<script src="./tquery-all.js"></script>
    var world   = tQuery.createWorld().boilerplate().start();
    var object  = tQuery.createTorus().addTo(world);


This is the initial release of tQuery. I like how it looks. API is documented, code is tested, and performance measured. The code produced by the API seems short and quite understandable. Nice foundations especially for a version 0.

The next step is about stabilizing tquery.js itself, cleaning it up. I am currently quite busy doing just that. So please dont hammer me with feature requests at the moment, i won’t have time to handle them. Pull requests are welcomed tho. Things will change when tQuery core become more stable.

That’s all folks, have fun :)