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Three.js Inspector in Chrome Devtools

Hey guys,

Recently people started to experiment with three.js and Chrome devtools. The excellent @thespite first did Shader Editor Extension and then Three.js Editor Extension. @mrdoob did it too here where he links directly to the three.js editor itself. The goal is to make an extension which allows to inspect your page when you are debugging three.js.

All that is very early work, but the concept seems really promising. It will allow to interact with almost all three.js demos out there. It is a great tool to debug your own work, or to understand how a demo is done. You can even use it to fine tune your parameters.

I loved it so I decided to give it a shot. I forked @thespite work and looked at it over the last weekend. I reused the UI layer from the three.js editor, improved the UI a bit, and applied it to the Chrome Dev tools. The implementation still clearly has some quirks, but I love the concept. I believe it can be a very strong tool to debug three.js.

You can find the Three.js Inspector Extension on chrome app store and play with it.

LearningThree.js News #10: Stay Tuned With Creative 3D Demos

This post is about the 10th episode of Three.js News. We are very happy to share exceptional demos with you every week. In all the 3D experiences we have shared on previous episodes, we have witnessed talent, dedication and skill. Without so many creative projects we wouldn’t have been able to continue with the news. So, to celebrate this 10th edition, we are going to travel through space, time and even dimensions.

In this episode, we will explore other worlds and make musical journeys across decades and light years. We will wonder around the Parisian metro in a different light and be amazed by the simple beauty of land and stone. We will interact with the futuristic and be repelled by the terrestrial. We will learn to safeguard and preserve our cultural heritage through online 3D, and finally, take a walk through the magical woods of the imagination.

LearningThree.js News # 9: Stay Tuned With Creative 3D Demos

This post is part of the Three.js News series. If you have a taste for innovation and digital creativity in 3D, this series is for you. For this edition we have collected some very artistic demos. We will take a look at some unique projects. Everything from subversive and divergent experiences to particle libraries has a place in this post. We will play around with funny and endearing characters and explore objects around Earth’s orbit. We will spin around colorful cities and visit impressive one man portfolio. All of these developers are taking creativity one step further.

Hatsune Miku Dancing in Augmented Reality

This demo shows Hatsune Miku dancing in augmented reality within your browser! This is great and surprisingly easy to do. All that running on your browser, based on web standards. I did it to show it was possible to do AR within the browser. I wanted to share the code to see what you guys can do with it.

Best of all, it even runs on mobile phones that support WebGL and WebRTC. The screenshot on the right is made on a nexus. So we can do augmented reality within the browser on mobile

We can do augmented reality within the browser on currently deployed mobile phones today! There is nothing to wait for.

How is it coded ?

It is mainly a link of 2 parts. First webar extensions for three.js. They bundle what is needed to handle augmented reality with three.js, from the webcam setup to the marker localisation. Second part is the mmd loader which loads the model. It loads the Hatsune Miku model and its animations.

Once you got those 2 parts, things are simple :) you just have to display your model where your marker is. To know the tech details, you will have to dig in the code. I will likely talk more about AR tho.

Now Let’s Do a Bit of History

I did this to show it was possible to do AR within the browser and to share the code to see what you guys can do with it. It was for a AR oriented hackathon in Dublin. It recently landed a new job at Daqri. Part of my job is developer relations, so I get to help people doing AR. I love it :)

All the code to handle Hatsune Miku is from Takahiro Aoyagi. He did a fork on three.js to load mmd formats, the format used to store Hatsune Miku. It may be included in three.js soon. Here is his example for three.js It all started with his mmd viewer in pure webgl. The original contains a LOT of neat features like inverse kinetic, physics for the hair, a toon shader to make the color more cartoonish, a edge shader to enhance the outline of the model like a drawing. He is doing excellent work. Check him out on twitter as @superhoge.

Let’s have a word about Hatsune Miku herself. It is such a nice story. She is a Japanese star but she is purely virtual. She is a humanoid persona which appears as a drawing or as a hologram. There is no human behind, even for the voice! When she sings, what you hear is a voice synthesizer from crypton All that is crazy but true :)

She even does concerts where thousand of fans are go to see her. Actual human fans I mean, not virtual ones. As you can see, Hatsune Miku is no stranger to augmented reality. I love her!

How To Run The Demo ?

You may want to run this demo obviously. Here is how to do it. First you put the demo url in your browser. It will read your webcam using getUserMedia. When it asks for permission, allow it :) Then you need to put this AR marker in front of the camera. You can print it and point the camera toward the paper or you can load the marker web page and put the phone in front of the camera. And now you can see Hatsune Mike Dancing in Augmented Reality.

Now let’s look at it in action in this little screencast.


If you want to experiment with augmented reality and three.js, checkout threex.webar. It is so cool to make augmented reality on the web! I hope you have as much fun as I had doing it :) I can’t wait to see what augmented reality will do on mobile’s browsers.

That’s all folks. Have fun.

LearningThree.js News #8: Stay Tuned With Creative 3D Demos

This is another post for Three.js News. In this eighth edition we are going to travel and dance with cubes, discover Swiss ground with points, and do some commuting with lines. We have a couple of educational viewers, one for asteroids and another, less space related but equally exact, for terrains. We will enjoy turning around with funky vertex and spinning helix. We will discover some beautiful models skillfully displayed in Three.js. We will also be able to measure and forecast happiness.

LearningThree.js News #7: Stay Tuned With Creative 3D Demos

This post is part of the Three.js News series. In this episode we will see some very cool editors, we can share assets and create WebGL experiments with. They are useful, practical and easy to use; they are also a great way to start designing your own 3D models. We will take a look at some impressive demos with cute animals, multiple icons, shaders and crazy skills. All these projects are very fun to play with!

LearningThree.js News #6: Stay Tuned With Creative 3D Demos

This post is our new edition of Three.js News. In this episode we will be amazed by cinematographic experiences and awesome effects. Some of them will even give you goosebumps or make your hairs stand on end. We will explore physics engines, blockbuster movies coming soon, particles, portfolios. We will take a look at everything from a manga universe to a world of change. There is also a show off, a very special mention to a great experience that we found, combining 3d animation, motion capture and projection. These vivid experiences are unforgettable and all too real.

LearningThree.js News #5: Stay Tuned With Creative 3D Demos

This post explores original demos with lots of knowledge. In this episode of Three.js News we will take a tour around 4D dimensions and creative subdivisions. We will also travel over webs of information and have fun with wildlife games. There is a lot of diversity in these projects, but one thing is for sure, they are all developed with the utmost skill and created for the maximum effect.

LearningThree.js News #4: Stay Tuned With Creative 3D Demos

This post introduces another episode of Three.js News. In this edition we explore dynamic and constantly changing experiences. With the featured demos we will travel through time, discover new worlds and parallel universes. We will also get into fun and procedurally generated experiences that never repeat themselves twice; they are different every time, no matter how much you try them out. We will enjoy psychedelic effects and interactive experiments.